Dear Family,

                Another really good week! We had SEVEN investigators at church this Sunday. They all came on their own except for one of them that we picked up, and they're all people we've been teaching and have accepted baptismal dates! It's been so nice. We taught about 30 lessons this last week and I'm loving it. Elder Henderson is so nice to work with. He can hold his own and is humble enough to adapt to me while I adapt to him. We're working really well together. OH! before I forget. I have a funny story to tell. There's a man named Francis that we're teaching. He's a little slow. But we were teaching him about baptism and how we need to do it by immersion, and Elder Henderson said to him, "You, when you you bathe, do you just wash one part of your body and your done, or do you wash your whole body?". He has used this example tons of times, but this time Francis said, "Well, sometimes I just wash part and sometimes I wash all.". Ha Ha! Oh man, it was so funny. We both just laughed and were like, "Wait....what?!". 
          We also taught a man this week that has been really prepared. He's had the influence of members throughout his life and when we went to see him we found out that he owns two houses that he doesn't live in and just rents them out to people. He's extremely smart, even compared to someone back home, and he's so enlightened. He even brought up in our lesson that there must be something true about the church because of all the hatred towards it. He accepted a baptismal date, didn't quite come to church, but has already been once to another ward in the recent past. He was a referral from the elders whose ward he went to. There's a member fireside with Elder Quentin L. Cook next Wednesday and we're going to try and make it a goal to get him there. 
           We baptized a woman yesterday after church who we believe is really converted. Her name is Charlotte. We had been teaching her mother for over a month when one day she happened to be sitting in on the lesson and was very curious about our doctrines and where we go after we die. From that point she's come to church every week for 5 weeks in a row and now is baptized. 
          I think we're the only church with so much detail and certainty about where we actually go after we die and where we were and what happened before we were born. Out here in Ghana, there's a ton of churches and influence of churches everywhere, so you get to learn about a lot of the other churches doctrine. It's really interesting to find out how solid our religion is. A lot of other religions are speculative and presuming. Ours isn't a bunch of guesses, but instead we "know". I'd much rather hope that our church is true than settle for a guess or a "We can only assume" answer. Our church's doctrine is solid. Members teaching lessons or giving talks don't teach what they think, they teach doctrine that has already been established. It's just a matter  of having everyone else understand that doctrine. Because really, Christ's gospel is to be understood by the spirit. Words can only "tell", but the spirit "shows" (2nd Nephi 32:3-5). Together, like it states in D&C 11:21, the spirit and the word are "the power of God unto the convincing of men". 
           Well, chances are I won't be able to send any letters off this week or receive any. Next week I will though. Sorry, no picturers this week, I didn't take any....I did, however, record my "be still my soul" song, so I'll send that with this e-mail. :)
           For all of the things that I'm learning while I'm here on my mission, I keep being reminded that I need to remember these things and make them a habit and part of me especially when I'm finished with my mission. It seems like every time I learn something new, something reminds me to not forget it when I go home and to not go back to how I was before my mission. I plan on being a very different person as far as my commitment to the church and my own standards. I have some huge experiences that have changed how I see things since I've been here and I never want to fall back into any old ruts. This church and these doctrines are incredible! I love them so much! I understand more what people mean when they say they feel blessed to be on the earth during the fullness of times. We really do have a lot of truth, and I don't think nearly as many of us search it out and use it as we could. You can live such a near-perfect life if you're diligent and willing.
            Anyway, thanks for the letters! Everything is going well here and I hope it continues. Thanks for your prayers. I pray for you guys too.

                               Love, Dallin (Elder Littlefield)