Monday, November 12, 2012

Dear Family,

                   Transfers are this Wednesday. More than likely I'll at least get a new companion. Let me answer Mom's questions first this time. Proselyting this week went pretty well. We can't manage to get anyone to come to church to save our lives. Although, we can get them to say they will come to church, ha ha. I think we had about 5 or 6 investigators all tell us Saturday night that they'd be there Sunday morning, and then no one showed up. I've lately been at a loss of what to do, but we're just going to keep trying new things to help. They keep all of their other commitments to read and pray and things like that, but coming to church is apparently a real struggle. We were teaching one man, and when we asked him if he had any questions during one lesson, he just turned to the back of the pamphlet and started reading the "additional study" questions to us as if they were his own. Later in the lesson he got up to go talk to someone, told us he'd come back, and then never did. I went on three splits this week. One with the zone leaders, and then one each with two of the companionships in our district. It was a pretty crazy week of traveling and being all over the place. We taught another man who claimed that we definitely worshiped whatever gold man that was on top of our temples. There are some pretty interesting rumors that go around about the church here. One's like we drink blood or we have secret underground worshiping places that only members who "have gotten so far" in the church can see. Some say that we do chants and call spirits because to most here the word "saints" has to do with calling back from the dead the spirits of people like Peter, Mary, Judas, etc. from the new testament. It's a lot of fun sometimes to hear what they come up with.
         I get my haircut just about every month and a half, I like keeping it pretty short. I'll get it cut again today.
          Oh! I've got a fun story to share about when I was on splits with Elder Russell from my MTC group. He's my zone leader. Anyways, we met this hardcore "Rastafarian" guy. Rastafarians are pretty much like Bob Marley lifestyle type of people. Most smoke marijuana and have dreadlocks. He's probably from Jamaica because he had the accent, but we never know because there's quite the handful of Ghanaians that like to act like they're Jamaican. Anyways, he called us into his shop that was selling all different kinds of Bob Marley and Lucky Dube stuff. He had researched our church on the internet and was baffled to find out that his research was not correct....go figure. The story he had was somehow close, but a lot of the details were exaggerated or not correct. He wouldn't let us talk much but went on to tell us his theory about how Jesus Christ got down from the cross three hours after they tried to crucify him and that he actually never was crucified. It smelled like Marijuana in his shop and although this guy talked like he was pretty intelligent, I think he was a little off his rocker. It was worse because he was starting to brainwash one of the investigators they had that had come with us to his shop. Elder Russell directly told the man that everything he said was false and that nothing he said was in the bible. That started a little contention and we ended up just walking out with the guy saying, "oh come on mon, don't be like that!".  It was quite the exciting time, ha :)
         We finally got to listen to conference yesterday. It was so nice, especially Elder Holland's talk about the account of Peter and Christ saying "Peter, do you love me?". That was pretty darn powerful.
       Well, I don't have much else to say.  I love you guys!  Talk to you guys next week!

                    Love, Dallin (Elder Littlefield)

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