Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Oct 22nd 2012

Dear Family,

                   This week went well! We had interviews with President Judd and that was nice to talk with him. Usually he has things to suggest that I should do, but this time around he pretty much just told me I was doing good job and that I should keep it up. I think that's probably what I needed most. It's nice to feel like I'm appreciated. Ha, it was funny because the first thing he said to me when I sat down with him was, "Well Elder, you're an experienced missionary now...". That's the last thing I would think of myself as, so that makes me feel good that he thinks that. I told him about the statistics that Uncle Shane gave about numbers tripling and 250 in every mission, and he just kind of laughed and said, "I don't think I could handle 250 missionaries right now".  But he has mentioned in his last few letters to all of us that a lot of new things will be happening these next few transfers and that new areas will be opened up. He mentioned to me in the interview also that there was a lot more area in the east (Volta Region) and in the North (Eastern Region...Kind of backwards huh?!) that still need to be opened up. I would love to open up a new area. Because that also means a brand new apartment ;).
                  We've been talking about Mitt Romney a bit in our apartment lately. I hope he wins. The people here always talk about Obama, and I'm sure if Mitt Romney became president it would give the church A TON of publicity here in Ghana and throughout the world.
                  Dad, you talked about being grateful for your own testimony. Isn't a testimony the most valuable thing we can have? It's a sense of identity and purpose, and if it's strong, there's no worry even when challenges come. It seems that all challenges are mentally solved, even working physically. If we have a solid testimony, we, in a way, have solid faith. We just have to keep in remembrance. It seems that most people reach a point in their testimony where they "know". After that point, it's mostly a matter of remembrance. Of course we'll strengthen it, but that one time really should be suffice for most challenges that come our way. At least that's the way I see it.
                  I got the package with the ties (I love both of them), candy, rubber band gun, socks (thank goodness, I have like two or three pairs with holes in them) and the armpit farting card. that was great.                  I'll continue the rest of my letter in response to mom's e-mail..............

Questions. We have been teaching at least 15-20 lessons each week, so we're doing fine now. But as for baptisms and people progressing, I have no idea what's happening. It gets frustrating at times, but I feel like we're trying our hardest, and then some. But yes, I feel like I learn huge lessons every week. I write down spiritual impressions in my journal about doctrines and experiences, so hopefully they'll come in handy later. One that I've found lately is about the sacrament. I was reading somewhere in 3rd Nephi and I  was thinking about the sacrament and why it even matters. I feel like I remember Christ and my covenants every day anyway, so why do we have to do it on Sunday by eating a little piece of bread and water, right? But in 3rd Nephi and in the sacrament prayer, it mentions that the sacrament is the way that we "witness" unto God that we will always remember him. Just like we can learn about the church and read the Book of Mormon every day, God has put in place baptism as a commandment to officially witness to Him that we take upon ourselves the name of Christ and keep His commandments. Same with the sacrament. It's a commandment. We do it and God accepts it as our official witness to remember Christ and keep our baptismal covenants. We can do and say all we want during the week to witness to Him that we remember Christ, but God has His way, and he has a purpose in it. Whether nor not we will ever "fully" understand that purpose is beyond me, but God has made his way, and there's no other way that will work once His way is commanded and set in place.
          Another thing I finally understood was about the state of mind Adam and Eve were in before they took of the fruit. Of course we know they were innocent, but it sure boggled my mind how someone can make a choice without having previous experience to base that choice off of. But it makes sense now and I'll explain how I came to know. We were teaching this guy named King. We told him, "So Adam and Eve partook of the fruit and they fell, becoming subject to sin". So he asked, "Subject to sin?! Didn't they just sin when they took of the fruit?" I told him no, and that sin and transgression are different. I said that sin is when we knowingly do wrong, and transgression is when we don't know. Then he rebutted, "But they knew! God told them not to take of the fruit!" ..........That stumped me. I thought, "yeah...he's right? what the heck?!" And then somehow it just all clicked in my mind and I said, "Yes God told them not to take of the fruit, but they didn't know it was wrong." It kind of blew my mind as the words came out of my mouth. I think it did the same for our investigator because he then gave a perfect analogy to correlate with it all. He said, "So for example. God said, don't touch that fire, but then Satan came and told them to touch it so they did. Then they realized what they didn't know before -- that it burned them, and it hurt! And now they knew!" I just said, "YES, PERFECT!!!" Needless to say, that night was great. That actually happened last Monday night.
                       So I'll explain our visit to the mall. Well, I bought shoe polish (the brand name [Kiwi]) peanut butter, and some potato chips. It was all delicious. It felt really awkward in the mall there though. It was like being at home. The mall is just like one back home. They even had an Apple store. We had some french fries in a little fast food restaurant and really, I just wanted to get out of there because it felt so weird. I'm definitely going to feel out of place when I get home. I prefer gutters filled with gray goop with goats and chickens running around on dirt roads.
                      It rained really hard this last Friday. The streets outside our apartment were just covered in two or three inches of rain. The sisters in our district called us and asked us to bring them umbrellas because they were cold and couldn't get back to their apartment. So Elder Bladen and I made a trek there through all the water. I'll send the pictures.
                 Love you guys, I'll talk to you next week. Thanks for the letter again!
                                                  Love, Elder Littlefield

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