Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ok! Family,

              I've only got 11 minutes because I went to buy all new white shirts in Accra. I bought 7 for 43 cedis (20 U.S. Dollars)! Pretty sweet huh?! Well, this week went really well. This missionary work is becoming extra serious now. President Judd's letter to us about the new announcement about 18-year-old elders had him talk to us about the importance of being a very well trusted missionary that is "righteous in the dark". I'm so glad I don't feel guilty when he says that. I didn't really notice too much, but I did make it my goal some several months back to always do the right thing when no one is around and just to have charity and good character at the times when I could definitely do bad. It gives me so much confidence, and I don't feel any guilt. It's the best feeling. Before my mission I never realized how much doing the right thing when no one's looking means so much to your confidence. You can't tell someone else with all your conviction to do something that you feel you could do better at or don't do as well. But if you aren't guilty of being lazy or doing bad things, then you have so much more the power and right to help teach those with love the correct way back onto the right path and it makes all the difference for that person.
            I won't comment much on your e-mails because of time, but know I did read them. I didn't hear about the age change for missionaries until I read President Judd's E-mail today! It sounds pretty awesome though.
           The work is going so great! I made my own philosophy that I'm going to live by for the rest of my mission. I decided that "I don't have to want to try to try". It changes everything when you do what's right even when it doesn't make any sense and you feel so much like doing the easier thing. God blesses you. I've also learned the importance of relying on the savior and literally "building" myself on the atonement. It doesn't fall. Everything else will fail, but Christ will not. He never does, and I've seen it first hand. Sometimes I wonder if I really have much of a testimony. I do, but it's often difficult to really determine where it came from. All I can say most of the time is that "I know" and I'm positive that I know. There really is no doubt! Jesus Christ is the One that we really all need to build ourselves on. If we build on other things, it will destroy our confidence and trust hoping for what is right. But I know that if we build ourselves relying on Christ for everything, we NEVER fail. I've heard this my whole life, but it really changes when I have to do something hard that is impossible without HIS help. I love you guys. I'll write a longer letter next week, but I'm almost out of time.

                                                      Love, Elder Littlefield

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  1. Wonderful letter another missionary learning lessons that will last throughout eternity.