Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dear Fambly,

                    "Ching-chong-ching-chong", as the Ghanaian children would say to an Asian person as they walk by (or us, because I guess sometimes we look Asian :-S). This week was pretty great! We confirmed Florence this Sunday and we're baptizing another woman named Helen next week! (I'll send a picture of Florence). Fun story, there's a crazy man who stands near the main road at our house every day who wears a hat over a long piece of neon fabric over is head. He has a two-foot long stick in his hand which it looks like he's trying to direct traffic with as he points it at the cars that go by. I think he thinks that it's his job to go out there and do what he does. Sometimes we find him around the community standing in the middle of the roads pointing his stick at cars and yelling stuff. If he's in the way of the cars, they just honk at him until he moves while angrily pointing his stick at them as they pass. I told Elder Southwick that he's probably a wizard and is just casting spells. 

            We also taught a man named "Connor" this week. Sorry to say Connor, but the man rejected the Book of Mormon completely. He let us in, but wasn't very open to receive anything we had for him. He was in his 30's and had a house all to himself. By the time we got to the Book of Mormon, he just started shutting us down and telling us that there can't be anything else besides the bible. We begged to ask him why there couldn't, and the just said, "there can't!". We didn't continue to ask. I think he had heard something about the church, and even when we tried to explain the Book of Mormon, he said that he already knew what it was and that Joseph Smith wrote it. So we just stopped pushing, had a closing prayer, and said goodbye! 

                 Well, next week the mission is receiving 28 new missionaries, and then five days later the mission is splitting into two! Trainers will be called tomorrow. I really can't say what will happen this last transfer. I may stay or go, maybe my companion will go, or we'll both stay; who knows! Mom asked whether or not we've been teaching referrals. We're trying, and we wish we could teach all referrals, but there's only a few a referrals right now. It's hard to get someone to church without a member bringing them and being their friend. I would like some taco seasoning or gravy packets! Maybe one or two of those Idahoan instant potatoes! :) 

                  That's my week! I'm still trying to be strong and finish to the end. I know how I end my mission is how I'll be when I come home, and I don't want to come home a lazy junk. I got McCall's letter this week! Thanks 'Call! I'll write back as soon as I can! Happy Father's Day Dad! Love you guys, and talk to ya next week.

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