Monday, December 19, 2011

Things are going well with my new companion.  He's a cool guy, we just need to work harder
sometimes. It sounds like his Malaria/Typhoid was just as bad as mine.
I'm singing I can only imagine for a Christmas party this week.  We're
having a missionary christmas conference in Accra this thursday all
day, and then a christmas dinner and party thing at a pretty wealthy
member's house in Accra.  Elder Speirs is very different from Elder Nembaware, he played football in high school and is looking to play for a college after his mission. He's also the oldest in his family. He's a cool guy though, and we have fun.  We baptized this woman named Akose who only speaks Twi. I guess before I came elder Speirs had been bringing a different member each time he went and saw her to translate for us as we taught her. This last Tuesday we went to meet with her. She stopped us halfway through the lesson and started speaking in Twi a TON to our translating member. After she was done, the member told us that she said she was so thankful and that she really appreciated how much we have cared about her. She said it means a lot that even though we are white and we don't speak Twi that we've made the effort to come so much and listen to her and teach her. She went on and on! I felt the spirit strong and started to tear up a bit. I decided that this woman deserved a lot and so from that point on I've tried to give her my very very best. She works from 6:   I lucked out as far as the bike goes, I guess Elder Speirs' companion didn't have the bike I did. Somehow there was a switch-up between us and the the other companionship in our apartment during transfers, and I got the nicer bike, so that was sweet!  On Christmas we will go to church to just take the sacrament, no speakers or anything. Then we have a Free meal from a couple members that should be pretty nice. (I'm really hungry right now, all I've had is maybe a halfcup of Gari mixed with some chocolate cream cookies and then a strawberry milk drink mix and water, which I had this morning. It's called Soakings, but I added the cookies. And it only costed me 66 cents. Don't worry, I get creative and dominate when it comes to running a budget with the money they give us.) That will take up most of our day along with the phone call. We'll try to proselyte, but I really don't think anyone will want to sit down on christmas day, it's sounding like they celebrate christmas here a little more than I had thought.
Speaking of food, I ate dirt this week. While we were at
that woman's provision shop where we teach Akose, the member
we were with bought us these little powder sugar covered tofees (or at
least that's what they looked like).  She said she liked the way they
tasted and let us each try a piece. She handed half to me and half to
elder Speirs. I put it in my mouth and said "It doesn't taste like
anything, it actually just tastes like dirt". It was dirt! It was gross, but
I swallowed it still a little in shock. It's supposed to be for
pregnant woman who crave weird things like that. It's like special
sand that they mix into a cement type thing that they sell at almost
every provision shop.  Go figure. So moral of the story is, when you
eat things in Ghana, it can be anything, even dirt! There's a cat soup
place here too, so I think we'll have to try that out sometime. Elder
Speirs said he's already tried it and it's way good, so I'm looking
forward to it. Christmas sounds like fun there, even if there isn't
snow yet. Christmas here will be good too, I'm looking forward to it.
I'm adjusting to the way my companion works, and I'm starting to see
there's a little more to a mission than what Elder Nembaware and I did. I'm starting to take a
good inventory of myself and who I am and what I'm here to do, and
It's really helped. I think things will get better from here on out
and I'll really start to love my mission. Thanks for your letters, I
can't wait for the phone call! I'm so excited! I love you mom, dad,
Connor, Kade, and McCall! Mom and Dad, I hope you know that President
Judd and Sister Judd are really becoming my mission parents. I think
of Dad every time I talk with president Judd, and Sister Judd reminds
me of my mom. It's great and they're taking care of me and helping me
with any concerns I'm having. Oh man, I'm really happy and I think things are
just starting to get better and better!

---Elder Littlefield

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