Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Oct 3rd

 This week it rained a lot, we got soaked riding from place to place, and we ride through muddy jungle trails so it's hard to stay clean, but somehow we manage. We talked to the Adrina girl again and we think she has some problems that she doesn't want to tell us about quite yet, and that's why she hasn't come to church. It sounds like that's the only reason she is not coming to church. I got to see little Mavis (3 years old) at church again this last week! She is so cute! I can't even begin to say how much I love seeing her! She always comes and hugs my leg whenever I come! I really love the people of my mission and I get all teary eyed whenever I really think about it. They are the most sincere people and they don't get offended easily at all. They all watch out for each other and they treat the "Obruni(s)" (white person(s)) really nicely. Sometimes too nicely. Some will hint at me that they want to go to the U.S., and if I don't say anything they ask if I can bring them. But I just joke with them and tell them I'll put them in my backpack when I go back ;) One 40 year old lady told me in Twi that she wanted my children......that was weird. But then we told her we were missionaries, she was embarrassed, ha ha!   I love talking with those people who are struggling and helping them know that with God's help it'll all be over. So we ate Banku (it's like thick malt-o-meal in a ball with soup) and it was pretty disgusting. It really makes me love fufu, which is similar, but doesn't taste as nasty. A "couple" investigator family made us the banku so I had to tell them it was delicious and I loved it, when in actuality I gagged on the last few bites, haha. Everywhere here is covered in dirt, even in the homes. It's kind of impossible to keep things clean, so ants just crawl around in our kitchen. pretty nasty eh? I sprayed the edges of my food cabinet though  with insect repellent and I extra wash all my bowls and plates. We mostly eat rice with like a spicy stew with a hardboiled egg for a lot of our meals. It's cheap and a lot of places sell it. My companion isn't pesimistic, but he can find something wrong about his food every time we eat, ha ha. he's so funny. I keep sanitary, but the other Ghanaian Elders we live with never buy toilet paper so sometimes I wonder how they go about things :-S ha. The mission is already gone by Soooo fast, it feels like the beginning of september at the latest! It doesn't feel like October at all! It's nuts!

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