Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Oct 10th

        I'm so great! by the way, we found the conference talks
online so we're gonna download them to my mp3 player and listen to
them today! it's sweet! So you talked about Jodi Meyer and that crazy
lady shouting the devils out of her. Ghana is just like that! The
worship houses are crazy here. They have this thing that they call
speaking in tongues where they just pretty much speak what sounds like
gibberish into the microphone as fast as they can while they dance
around. That's how they speak to god. There's a lot of dancing and
shouting at most of the churches, and to me it's a little strange. In
the city parts of my area there's preachers that just set up a few
huge speakers hooked up to the microphone and just call every one to
repentance while they quote things from the bible. They're also
preachers that go around the market to each stand and say a prayer at
each food stand, and then the people are expected to give them some
money in a bag they carry around. There's even a church near our
apartment that sounds like people just yelling things randomly at all
the same time. We can hear them at night, but my ear plugs work
wonders and it doesn't bother me. For funerals, every time someone
dies they have a huge funeral celebration for one week-long (The main
part of it is usually what people go to and it starts usually on
) with professional mourners and all that. Pretty much anyone
is invited to these things, and it's more of a party than anything.
It's just like the "thing to do" on saturdays. Find a funeral, get
some good food, and socialize.
        Yeah, I baptized the triplets. I wasn't really nervous and
everyone said I did it very nicely, so I think it went well!
I love you guys, I'm going to go listen to conference now though,

                    ---Elder Littlefield

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