Monday, September 19, 2011

Etesen my family! (how are you)

Etesen my family! (how are you)

The Twi (chwee) is definitely something I'll have to get better at, but very few people don't speak english where I'm at. I'm about 3 or 4 hours north of Accra in a place called effiduase/oyoko/and one other place that i can't remember. It's pretty bush. It's up in the jungly mountains of Ghana and there's jungle surrounding everywhere. This is a pretty crazy culture shock for me, but I'm getting use to it and loving it at the same time.  I've had cornflakes with soymilk that I bought at one of the little stands that sells stuff.  There are no supermarkets here so we buy everything from little stands that sell assorted food. I've tried fufu and so far am not such a fan. It's just like you'd think, bread dough (with little taste) and then some spicy soup with fish parts, actual snail that was alive about 10 minutes before I ate it, and then chicken, sometimes. It was alright, it doesn't taste bad neccessarily, it's just plain. Boy does the P in P-day mean preparation though. There's so much to get ready for the next week in just one day! I did all my laundry by hand this morning and it took me 2 hours. I'll get faster with time, but it was a little rough! I know what I'm doing is ordained of God and so nothing seems impossible. I'm adjusting great! I love love love the people here, especially the little kids. They all call me "obruni" (oh-broo-nee) which means white person, and they all wave at me and smile. We've taught a lot of people and I'm loving them all so much. Everyone is so different and learn and feel sooo differently, but they're all the same in the way that they all receive that same witness from the spirit and explain it to be true the same way. That really strengthens me and makes me feel so good. Dad, I'm just like you I'm finding. I cry at everything, ha ha :) Usually I'd only cry when I talk about my family, but now I tear up inevitably whenever I feel the spirit. It's hard not too :). Oh man it's such a good feeling! I feel so loved and it reminds me I'm here according to God's will and that nothing can stop that. I've learned to work on my own with my problems and it's help me grow a TON! Anyways, we attended just sacrament meeting because we had some appointments with investigators during sunday school time. But since I was new to the ward they had me bear my testimony to the ward. When I walked into the chapel and saw everyone sitting down ready for sacrament meeting, I felt the spirit so strong and it came over me with so much power. I felt heavy in my heart, and so at peace. When I got up to bear my testimony, I could feel it even stronger. It was like someone took a 40 gallon bucket of heated happiness and just dumped it on me. There are very few white people in my area. I've seen maybe 2 or 3 this whole week. My companion types slow so we have 2 hours of e-mail time, which is kind of a ton. Speaking of my companion. He's the best! Dad, he reminds me of you, and he teaches me the same way you do, I couldn't have asked for a better companion. He's completely immersed in the work, is patient with me, and has so much humility. He's actually the district leader for the 6 Elders in our district. He's funny too, which is nice. He's taught me a lot, and he always tells me he's learning a lot from me. Oh, also, his name is Elder Nembaware (Nembah-wah-ree) and he's from Zimbabwe. Ok, now I'm gonna go down my list of things I've written down to tell you guys, so I didn't forget. We got a DVD player to learn from by watching especially made dvd's for missionary work. We can only watch those dvd's. but they help sooo much. Each companionship gets a dvd player. I'll be with this companion for 12-weeks of training before I switch or transfer. I'll tell about a few of our more interesting investigators too. Everyone has a lot of the same names up here, but the first names are almost always english, so that's nice. There's one lady that's about 24 named Mavis. She is very stubborn, will listen to us, but has been baptized twice and is struggling with the idea that she should be baptized again for the 3rd and final time. We still need to explain the importance of the priesthood and it's vital role in baptism. I hope that will resolve her concern, but we'll see. Then there's Samuel Aduesi. He's interested in the church, when he's not drunk. He's severly addicted to alcohol and it's really sad to see. He said he was coming to church this week, but when we stopped by his house on the way to church yesterday his wife was looking depressed and just said that he was in the bedroom really drunk. She doesn't like it and it makes us sad to see that. We'll keep trying for him though. I also got to teach most of the lesson on a woman named Adrina who's also 19. She's had it very rough. She said she lacks faith that Jesus is real and that God is real (which is VERY rare here. Everyone is christian and believes in God completely). She said the reason is because when she was 11 her father died, leaving her mother with 4 children to take care of. Then later her mother died and she was left alone to take care of her 2 little sisters and younger brother. She said it was really difficult and the next person that gave her hope was a school teacher that would encourage her and sometimes buy her meals when she couldn't. But to her luck, he died also. She said she's had times where she hasn't had even enough food or water, but she's continued to push forward. All this and she's only a senior in high school. She told us that she's considered prostitution but really doesn't want to if she doesn't have to. I was able to bear my testimony and talk to her. I encouraged her and told her I was impressed by all that she had been through and began to explain that God has a way for everyone, and that even though times get so hard, as if the "Jaws of Hell gape open after us, it will only give us experience, and be for our good" (D&C something) I told her God loves her and wants her to come to him in prayer and feel his love and told her my personal experiences. She gave me the most eye-contact any investigator has yet and it was such a powerful experience with the Holy Ghost. Well, I could tell you a lot more, but time is short and I'll send pictures to explain most of it. Ask any questions you have and feel free to give my e-mail out to people, i've got tons of time to e-mail (2 hours). I love you and love the letters you send me, they support me so much and encourage me to do what's best! Thanks, and I'll attach some pictures of my apartment, my favorite little kids, and my companion (I think that's all, we'll see) Thanks for everything you guys do to help me, I'm loving my mission! I love you mom, and I love you Connor, Kade, and McCall. My siblings have taught me a ton! Well, back to work :)
Love, Elder Littlefield
P.S. Connor, my companion looks like the black guy on psych. maybe you agree. Plus the picture of the fattest baby in ghana in the yellow shirt. That guy is my companion (not the baby)

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  1. What a terrific letter! I can't wait for my kids to read it. I can see why he was sent to such a place. He is very prepared and humble and will be a great blessing to such beautiful people.