Wednesday, October 12, 2011


    Oh, Ghana is wonderful and I'm loving obeying the rules. It's
such a weird thing to say, and it felt so stupid and nerdy at first,
but I am getting many more of the blessings and my teaching is more
powerful when I'm following exactly to the rules.  So this week we
had Zone conference with everyone in our zone and I got to see all my
friends from the MTC, that was pretty sweet. I don't know for sure,
but looking around at the other missionaries, I'm glad I've got the
companion I have, he's such an awesome guy and always shows me the
higher road. So anyways, this last week. It's been so great. Our numbers were down
and we need to be better, but everything is going well. We have a
couple of french guys that we're teaching from Ivory Coast. One of
them has a baptismal date on the 15th and I really hope everything
goes well. He and his whole family live far away from our apartment
and it's like a 20 minute bike ride when we're going our fastest. When
we taught him this last time his whole family was there. He's got some
family that's strong in the church, even an uncle that's bishop in
Utah and an uncle who's a bishop in ivory coast that have been urging
him to investigate the church and he's been 8 times already by
himself. He's very interested in what we're teaching but sometimes has
a hard time translating from French to English.
          Ok, so now for some fun things that happened this week.
First, there's this drunk old guy who always wanders around one of the
members compounds and talks with everybody. It's sad because he's so
confused the whole time and I don't think he knows where he is. Also
at that same compound, just a couple of nights ago, we pulled up to
the compound on our bikes. There was a lady who lives in that compound
just getting out of a taxi that took her there. As soon as she got out
she handed the driver so much money, and I guess the story was that
the driver told her a certain price in the beginning and that now he
was saying more once she got out of the taxi. But she didn't know that
until she handed him more than she wanted to pay (expecting change).
So they had a big fight and people started coming out of the compound
and started shoving each other. The lady said she wouldn't let the
driver get back into the car until she got her change (which turned
out to just be like one cedi). After shoving each other around and not
really fighting or anything, they man got into his car. Then the
lady's friend went over to him and said "In the name of Jesus Christ,
give her money back".That didn't make any difference and the man
slowly drove off as the woman walked along next to his window chewing
him out. So anyways, it was pretty crazy, ha. When we saw the lady the
next day, she jokingly said "you didn't see anything, that wasn't me",
and we all laughed.
      Dad, it's hard to say where exactly I am. I don't even know
really. But I do know it's in "Eastern Region" Ghana. They just stuck
me out here and told me to get to work, ha ha. I bought a giant jar of
"ground nut paste" (peanut butter) so all is well. Oh man, I can't
express how much I love my mission and love working hard Things are
hard, but when we push through those hard things, blessings are just sitting
on the other side for us.

Love, Elder Littlefield

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