Friday, September 2, 2011


First to answer all your questions: the next time I e-mail is Sunday. You should receive my next e-mail sometime around 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. (Utah time) on Sunday. The MTC is a great place and I've learned a lot. Man! everything is just wonderful and I cannot express how much it has changed me to a man. I'm sure I have more to learn, but I feel like I'm growing very very rapidly. There are about 10 sister missionaries from different parts of Africa. plus I forgot to tell you I am one of three missionaries that can play the piano, out of 71 missionaries. Also I needed a visa to the ivory coast because it is closed right now and they might open it up (just like we thought). The African accent was hard at first but I've grown to understand it and now I barely have a problem hearing them at all. I sometimes find myself even saying words in their accent not on purpose. All the missionaries speak English in the MTC right now. There is one guy from Samoa that everyone loves, Elder Mauga. When he pronounces it, it doesn't sound like that at all, it sounds like he says mmmm.....mumble mumble.....I love getting e-mails from everyone but yes It's hard to e-mail them back, but assure them if they send me one that it may take a while. Mission boundaries are just in Accra. I cannot look at any other websites besides,, and But that's just in the MTC, I will ask about other websites when I get out in the mission field. It is definitely NOT cooler here and it is very humid. It was rough the first 2 days, but you know, you just gotta get used to sweating. they have air conditioning in the classrooms and in the chapel, but nowhere else. You’d think of all places they'd have it in the apartments, but nope! So I sleep in my sweat, haha. Connor better not get sent somewhere here because it's like sitting in a hot car all day, haha. I miss Connor so much! We do a ton of role playing in my classes and learn straight from teach my gospel and some church videos made for missionaries. Our schedule for the MTC is worldwide and is brand new (just came out in August) so we are some of the first to experience it's greatness. I have not seen my mission president yet.

Ah, gotta go, mtc president is here telling us to go to Dinner
I love you all!

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