Monday, September 5, 2011

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This time I will answer your questions after I tell you some things I want to tell you that I've written down before I came to e-mail. First off my companion and one of my roomates last night (4 of us in one room, but there's 6 beds) and they told me that I shouldn't leave my stuff lying open or lying around because although many of the missionaries are members of the church in africa, poverty has led them to have instincts where they are weak to fight temptation when they see something they want or would need. That scared me at first, but they told me that it was just a precaution and they were telling me out of love. My first couple of days in the MTC were the hardest and most defining times so far. I coudn't get to sleep the second night until 1:30 a.m. because I was just thinking about so many things (reality really hit me.) I prayed and prayed and PRAYED AND PRAYED! I'm great now and through those prayers I've gained a huge testimony of why I am here and that I want to be here and now I think if I were to be asked if I want to return home I would definitely not want to until i've completed my full two years.  We went to the temple last tuesday in Accra and everything was very similair to the temples in Utah. Although the names and people conducting the ceremonies talked with an accent, the EXACT same spirit and feeling was there when we went through. My companion was endowed and he loved it. I love my companion so much, he's so sincere and really just a sweet guy. He always is studying and wants to learn more. I already love missionary work! I've found that if I want to be a successful missionary and serve the best I can HUMILITY is the #1 key to being the best I can be. Suffering long, enduring, and having patience always pay off and by those i've learned more and my testimony has grown and is still growing SO FAST. I might say also that I'm so thankful for all your prayers! When I first struggled so hard my first few nights, I prayed for comfort, heck, for anything to help me! And I was told through the spirit that many people were praying for me and that the reason I was being blessed was because of the prayers back home. I cannot tell you how so so so so thankful I am for your prayers and for those who have prayed for me in our ward. So listen to this, this is awesome!  I've laughed so hard here. I laugh sometimes so hard that I cry. The african elders are hilarious! :) I've also been an mtc pharmacist and I've helped a lot of people with cold and headaches with the medicine i've had.  Anyways, your questions. I talk to elder lambert from Grantsville a ton and we sit together at meals. Honestly I don't know what my food is made out of half of the time and I just eat it. they have a plant here called kasavah (or something like that) that they grind up and make their food out of. We role play, but not teach actual investigators. The mtc is about as big at like 3 of our houses. we've received our mosquito nets, but we don't need to use them until we get into the field.
Thanks, I love you all!!!

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