Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I love getting your letters! It's the best reading them! I wish I had more than a half-hour to write back. There's about 12 computers in the MTC and each "district" has a half hour. I'll try to send one picture today but who knows if it will work. Once i get in the missionfield i'll go to faster computers and try to send a lot of pictures! I cannot tell you how bad I want to get out and teach and love people here! They're all ready for the gospel and I can't wait to teach them! We went to the temple again today and it was soooo peaceful! I do want some stuff, I had a list but I can't remember anything right now. I do want some american candy, like air heads, laffy taffy's, stuff like that. also they're opening up a KFC here in accra in october so that will be way nice! I decided I like all the food, except for the whole fishes they put in your food (head excluded). It's a joke trying to eat them because of all the bones and it makes the rest of the food taste fishy, but that's the least of my worries!  So those vendors on the streets that I told you about, I found out they're illegal. The government comes every once and a while and they all run! Anwyay, ask more questions, it's hard to know what to tell you because it's all becoming so familiar to me, but i remembered the advice Trevis gave me to try to give detail, even the things I wouldn't think about, so hopefully my letters are great! I'm gonna extend my own time to like 45 minutes when I get in the missionfield, because a half hour isn't quite enough. But I've had some of the best times in my life here at the MTC, plus some of the most frustrating! It's the best though and I know if I just stick it out until the missionfield I'll be that much more prepared! I love you all and I thank you SO MUCH for your prayers, I pray for you guys as well!  
                           ---Elder LIttlefield
P.S. the picture is myself and Elder Baion

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