Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hey family,
Thanks for the Letter, I love getting them.  We leave for the missionary field this wednesday. Tell mom that my bed does have a sheet on it and that they provide for me very well in every way! The only thing I have to wash by hand is my socks, and that's not bad at all! We just mark our clothes and garments and ladies working at the MTC wash our clothes and put them back in bins for us to all identify and disperse. A regular day in the MTC (like mom asked) is I get up at 6:30, personal study at 7, breakfast at 8. lesson or something else at 8:30 until about 12:30 and then we have lunch. I had to speak today in sunday. We all have to prepare talks just in case they call our name to speak. They call 10 every sunday and they called me last! Just when I thought i got out of giving a talk! ha. But I was somewhat prepared and many missionaries said they liked my talk. The food is mostly good. The fish is the only thing I'm not too fond of, plus this oatmeal thing that seriously tastes like cigarette ashes, it's horrible. It's brown and looks like gravy in a bowl, haha. We went proselyting yesterday (saturday) for 2 hours out in the streets of Tema, Ghana. That's the city the MTC is in. It was very scary at first and we mostly walked around so I could get used to it for the first half hour. But we did get to talk to a member who was selling calling cards on the side of the street, he was the sunday school president. We talked to a 14-year old on a bike and talked to him about the church. Whenever I smile they smile back so big and that makes me so much happier. Then we met 3 siblings all in their teens just frying up some bananas (or plantaines) on the side of the road so we stopped and talked to them and gave them a book of mormon just like we did with the kid on the bike. It didn't feel like much but I think we really made a difference that I just can't see because I didn't get to watch what happened later. I've had the highest of highs and the lowest of lows here. some mornings I think that a mission is just not worth it and that's it too hard. And then when it gets to the afternoon and I can't even imagine how I ever thought something so negative. It's all about the faith and effort I put into my work. We listened to talk by David A. Bednar and he gave the advice to missionaries to "stop worrying about it! just press forward with faith and stop analyzing and overthinking things". That has really helped me and I won't forget that advice! For breakfast this morning we had a hot dog, baked beans, a couple slices of bread, and that nasty ash-tray gravy stuff. We have spagetti with beef in it sometimes and that's my favorite! I have a harder time sending pictures this time because it takes to much time, but i'll send plenty once I get in the missionfield. The next time I send an E-mail will probably be next monday (not tomorrow) because by then I'll be in the missionfield! I"m sooo soo soo excited!  Also if you ever send a package, also send ear plugs. no one here is quiet and understands what that means, they have one volume to their voice and everyone just sleeps with chaos around them, it's a little harder than that for me and I think earplugs would help, ha ha :) thanks for all you guys do, I pray for you guys every day!
---Elder Littlefield

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