Monday, July 16, 2012

This last week was great! 22 lessons, 3 investigators at church, and then one baptism next week! It's going great! It was pretty strange, but things just took a turn on Wednesday this last week. We had 6 lessons that one day when we had just experienced a day with one lesson the day before. President Judd even called us Wednesday to make sure everything was going alright in our area, because of our numbers. I told him we have been doing our best to turn things around, and that finally today (Wednesday) we were having immense success! He said he wasn't worried and that he had confidence in me, and that made me feel a lot better. We had three investigators at church, and they were welcomed well by the branch. We probably would have had as much as six or seven investigators at church, but it rained Sunday morning, and that just shuts down almost all activity for some reason. But the three faithful came! :)
                   It was cool to hear about the trek. When you guys mentioned the "flour" dust that was everywhere, it reminded me of here. During the dry season, sometimes it just piles up dust, especially on the sides of the highways. Sometimes it builds like snow up to like 3 or 4 inches on the sides of the highways. But it's not like that now, it's been raining pretty off and on this whole week. I like to hear that about my brothers and sister. I'm excited to see Kade when I get home, he does sounds like me. I remember the first few times when I first gave talks in sacrament meeting. One of them I told about how we had our Thanksgiving dinner in a Denny's in Idaho. At first I was pretty nervous and I wasn't sure how it would go, but after a while I always liked the challenge of writing a good talk that people would be interested in and listened to. Even today, I always love to give talks and I'll jump on every opportunity. Maybe I just like to talk, I don't know. Connor and Kade both sound like the trek was a good experience. It seems just like any youth conference at first, but when you're put in a family of people you've maybe never met or seen before and you have to stay with them, things get a little uncomfortable and you have to learn how to deal with it and still have a good time. I love you guys, thanks for the support and the letters, it means more than I really notice sometimes.

                                                                Love, Elder Littlefield

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