Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Monday April 2nd, 2012

            Man, I'm excited to listen to that audio clip! I don't have any speakers here so I just downloaded it onto my mp3 player and I'll listen to it when we get back to the apartment. Well, we had two baptisms this last Saturday and they are a couple of funny old guys. Oh man, one of the guys makes us laugh really hard. He's just a goof. He always is happy and happy to see us, and he just says the funniest things. He and his uncle joined the church, they're 60 and 73 years old. George is the funny guy, and Martins is his uncle. George can't read, but he's intelligent. Martins can read very well and is intelligent as well. Martins had a word of wisdom problem, and George was always complaining to us about him. We asked him at one point that maybe Martins might not be able to overcome his word of wisdom problem in time and if he didn't would he still wanted to be baptized, even if it might possibly be without his uncle. He looked as us like "duh, of course!" He told us, "These things can't wait! I have to move forward, and Martins....Well Martins can perish in Hell!" Oh man, it was so funny the way he said it. He was serious when he said it, but we all just burst out laughiIng. George and Martins both really know how true the church is, and they just want to learn more and more.
         A week from this Wednesday (April 11th) is transfers, there is a good chance I could be called to train because there are 21 new missionaries coming from the MTC. If so, I'll find out tomorrow. Thanks for the Talks from conference, I'm going to listen to them as soon as I get home. The missionary work has been so much less stressful when I am not having problems with my companion. I've been able to be a little bit more natural with the way I talk with people, which makes teaching a ton easier. Teaching is like when I started golfing back home. After going out one day and teaching a bunch of lessons, the next day I just crave teaching lessons. It's so nice to teach a lesson and so many people are willing to sit down and listen. We've been having lots and lots of people come up to us lately and want to know more about the church. We've been able to keep our schedule pretty busy and one day we even taught "8" lessons! It was a nice day! Well, I don't really have much else to say besides I know the church is true and everything is going well on my mission. I'm learning a lot EVERY DAY and I'm feeling a bit more at ease to find humor in a lot of things.
            So questions: 1. I"m still deciding if I want to talk on the phone as long as last time. If it doesn't distract me, then I'm good with it. 2.Haven't got any packages yet, maybe next week. the envelopes arrive is good shape, you can send them, just remember to put anything like candy or chocolate in a plastic bag, because the humidity here just makes everything go sticky. 3. no, we don't get Conference broadcasted. The branches usually get a DVD of conference like a month later. I told my companion last night at 5:00 "My family are all in their pajamas sitting on big couches and a bean bag and eating cereal while they watch conference on a big tv at home" ha. 3. Elder Ikoro and I sang "nearer my God to thee" acapella last week during sacrament meeting, it went well. 4. Still wash my clothes by hand every monday for 2 hours or so, and we've only been on one hike. Really we're always busy, even on P-days, so there's not much time to plan an activity any more like hiking or stuff like that. I'm not disappointed though, really I'd rather be doing missionary work. P-days consist of waking up, washing, going to internet cafe, buying anything we need, cooking a stew for the week, study, and then by 6 o'clock we're back out teaching until 9. Dad said "don't you ever want a break?" I do sometimes, but what he said was also true. There's no joy in resting when you are capable of continuing in doing something good. I'm very strict with myself to go to sleep and wake up on time, because without sleep my day sucks, so I always have enough rest. The work gets hard and the sun makes us tired just about every day, but we just kind of get a in a mode that we just "keep going" even if we're suffering a little. Work is really ALL mental. If I just keep going everything works out alright. I usually have a lot more will and energy that I sometimes limit myself to have. But those times when I just sit around and....I don't know...."rest" or just sit there, I just feel like I'm digging myself in a hole that will be a little difficult to get out of later. Plus Satan loves to work on my mind when I'm not keeping myself busy. I get discouraged and start feeling depressed with stupid thoughts if I sit around for too long without doing anything constructive. It's not me, but I know Satan loves to get me when I'm being Idle. So I love to keep busy. Busy doesn't always mean working really hard, but just continuing in something good, even if it's easy work. I've been trying to follow that scripture more than says "Never be weary of good works". It's a blessing to follow that one.
              Anyways, I'm trying to be the best missionary I can so that I can be used to bring people to Christ more. After a while of being out here, I just decided that 1. I'm not going home any time soon. 2. The nature of the work is going to change. and then 3. I'm here for one purpose only, so I might as well give everything I have to that purpose, because giving myself to any other reason is waste of my time.
               I love you guys, thanks again for the letters.

---Elder Littlefield

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