Wednesday, March 28, 2012

March 26, 2012

Yeah. Sorry, i thought i had already told about it. He talked about
how he wanted this mission to become a Book of Mormon mission. He also
told us that we are not free to compromise our missionary work. He
said it very boldly, like Elder Holland likes to do. The whole time he
talked to us, I felt like my heart was going to explode. The spirit
was unbelievably strong. I kept having to wipe my eyes because I
couldn't help but cry. He told us that we should listen to President
Judd more and that he is a great teacher. He also emphasized that our
missions are "real life". That when we return home that things won't
change, and that we shouldn't settle back into our old lives. He told
us that we shouldn't forget our missions and everything we learned and
all the strengths we've been given.
This reminds me of some things I've been thinking about too.
I hope you guys are having scriptures and prayer almost every day if not every day. I can't say
how important that is. It's a defense that will save us from
temptations that Satan can throw at us to literally destroy us. Satan
never stops working to destroy us, even at a young age like McCall. He
wants to change our paths, especially early in life, so that by the
time we reach the age to make the especially important decisions,
we'll be too far away from the right path to make the right choice.
It's all so real, and the devil is EXTREMELY subtle. But it's also so
simple to defend ourselves. We've been told to read the scriptures and
pray every day. That's not a suggestion, but instead a commandment
that is absolutely necessary if we plan on staying afloat. The Book of
Mormon is so powerful. I love that book more than I love a lot of
things. This last week we read the Book of Mormon with one of our
investigators and he can't even read. He didn't understand very well
either, but we helped explain to him. He got so happy during the
lesson and started telling us how much what the book was saying was
true! He started acting like a little kid he was so excited. He's 60
years old. I know the Book of Mormon has so much power in it that we
need every day of our lives. We may think we're doing fine and that
nothing seems to be going wrong, but when it comes to those times when
Satan attacks, we'll be destroyed if we haven't been constantly
building up our defenses by reading the Book of Mormon. Recently
President Judd gave us a book called "A Witness & a Warning" by Ezra
Taft Benson. He said in the book "The whole church is under
condemnation because they are not using the Book of Mormon as they
should be. They will remain under this condemnation until they
repent....". It really is a powerful tool to keep us safe today. Even
if we don't fully understand it, we should read it, and not just a
little bit, but feast from it.
Anyways, that's my sermon. I hope you know I believe those
things will all my heart. I'm not just blowing smoke. This last
weekend we had 3 baptisms! It was the Ayitey (eye--ee--tay) Family.
We've been working with them for like 3 months now, but they finally
came to church and the father is so converted to everything. It's so
neat to see them after their baptism. We even have 2 more baptism this
next week which will make it "9" for just me and my companion this
month! It's hard every week, but I know it's helping me grow. I'm
trying to follow the rules as closely as I can, which includes only
using computers for e-mailing family and sending a e-mail to
president. So I would love it if you could send me the conference
talks when they come, especially the ones from Priesthood Session.
Thanks! Well, I've only got a little time left so I'll finish by
sending a few pictures. Thanks for being my family! I couldn't ask for
a better one!

---Elder Littlefield

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