Saturday, January 14, 2012

This last week we just sat in the house most of the time
because Elder Speirs was sick Monday through Friday. It was really
boring sometimes, and I'm way glad I got those two President Monson
books from you guys, they really helped pass the time. We don't
exactly know what Elder Speirs was sick with, but it was bad enough to
not go out. The ward has a New Year's Eve party that they celebrated
Saturday night, and it was really neat! They did some native African
culture dances with grass skirts and everything. They even hired a DJ
and a group of guys to play some bongo drums for the whole thing! It
was pretty neat! They don't celebrate Christmas nearly as much as they
do New Years! People were up all night long making noise!
Fun story, so there's a crazy naked man that walks around
town in the most public of places. We're pretty sure he's mentally
retarded, but he just walks around with it all hanging out, it's
pretty gross. Elder Speirs says so far he's seen the naked man, he
just needs to find the rest of the naked family so he can baptize them
all. Then we found another boy, his face looks like he's maybe 14, but
the people around say he's 24 or so. Anyways, he's what they call
"mad", and he walks around naked too. The woman we talked with that
lives where this boy stays around says that he doesn't like it when
people wear white and that everyone thinks he possessed by devils and
that's why he doesn't like the color white, because it's pure. We
watched him go over and hit another guy that was wearing a white shirt
and then run off. He tried to come near us, but the woman grabbed a
stick and threatened him and he ran off. It was so funny. Things like
this happen in Ghana, and after a while, you just have to come to
reality and accept that anything can happen. I didn't step in any bags
of crap this week, although we did see a few. I don't know who in the
world puts crap in a bag and then just puts it on the streets, maybe
it's a prank and someone was laughing when i stepped in it, who knows.
We had some more fufu from some members this week! It was really good,
I love fufu.

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