Wednesday, March 28, 2012

March 12, 2012


Everything is going really well! I love my new companion and I'm really learning to immerse myself in the work and forget about everything else. Really it's the only way for me to be happy. I'm not on a mission to learn things and help myself grow, in fact I'm not here for myself the least bit. I'm only here to be the best instrument I can be for Heavenly Father to use to bring his children to the truth. I don't care if I don't gain anything from my mission. I really love teaching people and seeing them come into the church. We had four baptisms on Saturday, and then we have three more this coming Saturday. We're working harder (me and Elder Ikoro). Dad, thanks for that letter. Even though I didn't read it till this week, I decided to do what you said in it during this last week anyways. My patriarchal blessing assures me that if I make missionary work the central focus of everything I do that everything else that is good will fall into place. Even if that wasn't true, I'd still rather give myself to this work. I decided to be as obedient as I can. I'd rather follow instruction that is bound to work rather than my own ideas. I'm trying to apply everything Preach My Gospel says so that I can better help the people while I'm here. We've worked hard this week, Me and Elder Ikoro, and I've never been more at peace. I feel more confident and less guilty when I know I'm doing everything I possibly can. Tomorrow we have Zone interviews and I get to sit down and talk with President Judd for a good 10 to 15 minutes. I'm excited for that. I wish I could go over all the people we are teaching, but it would take too long. Just in short, We're teaching two old men who came to church this last Sunday and are already reading the Book of Mormon and have a baptismal date for the 31st of March. One of these men we baptized with his two children this last Saturday is apparently a very well known person in the Nsawam community here. One of the district Counselors told us before sacrament meeting started that he's impressed that we were able to baptize him and bring him to the church. I didn't feel like it was us who did much, because really he accepted everything we said and he even contacted us in the beginning, but I'm glad he'll be such a contribution to the branch here. I don't know what else to say. I think things have really taken a turn for the better on my mission now, and I'm just losing myself (seriously losing myself) in the work. I'm starting to talk like my companion even, and I find myself not pronouncing my "R's" anymore, like "church". It's like McCall used to say it when she was little "Chich". Everything is just going great! I'll send a voice recording of me and my companion singing some hymns as well as a pictures of me and some little girls that live near a member. There's also a picture of me and just one little girl named "Jessica" Then there's another picture of me and my companion and our baptismal candidates this last Saturday. My companion wants to make sure you know that it's him on the far left of the picture, just so you know he's not an investigator. Then the next one is of a little boy whose mom gave us a free meal last night after church. The last one is of us and the two old men that we taught this week and came to church and have a baptismal date of the 31st of March. Also, I love chocolate in my packages, so any chocolate is awesome, ha ha. Thanks! I love you all and it's so nice to know everything is going well back home. I love you mom, and thank you dad so much for all the advice you give, I hang on to every last word of it, anything helps! I also love my brothers and sisters so much, I think of them every time I start playing with the little kids here. Like those little girls I sent pictures of. Connor just sounds awesome. I'm excited to see him when I get home.

Love, Elder Littlefield

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