Saturday, February 11, 2012

 Here's some more pictures, they're uploading really fast this time so I'll try to get a lot in! Thanks! The girl in the blue dress next to the chalkboard is Joyce Gaati. She's the one that mom talked to when i called you guys at Christmas. The old Woman is "Mama Frimpong". She's not a member, but she insists that we come to her house every Sunday after church for a FM (Free meal). The group of little kids are the some of the "Ayitey" family. They don't have money to travel to church now, but they all are very eager to get baptized. The father told us they would have money to travel to church next month, but we may baptize them before that if I feel that they are ready and committed. So the computer just suddenly got slow, so these 5 and the other 2 I sent on my e-mail might just have to do for now....we'll see.

 This week has been a little hard. I'm really being challenged
in a different way. Being senior companion is not hard as far as
organization and working hard goes, but with my companion, it takes on
a whole new level and expectation of maturity. My companion isn't too
proactive and he just finished being trained. In many ways, I feel
like his second trainer. He gets offended easily, and sometimes thinks
that the only way to do missionary work is the way that his trainer
taught him. He makes jokes a lot and likes to laugh, but he talks
really fast and most of the time I can't understand what he even said,
but I laugh anyways just to make him feel better. I don't think he has
a lot of confidence and is always looking for others approval. If I
make him work harder than he wants to or can, he often gets stressed
out and gets angry at me. It's taken a lot of patience to cater to his
needs in order for the work to go forward. I asked Elder Thom (our
district leader) for help, and we sat down and talked for a good hour.
He gave me a blessing, which was really long (because he likes to
talk). ha. But it really helped and since then I've been able to
understand Elder Sankah (my companion) and help him in the way that he
learns and understands things. I know it's not by my own knowledge
that I've been able to cooperate with him, but I've been praying
FREQUENTLY through out the day that I might be able to understand him
more and that he might have patience with me when there is some
misunderstanding. I don't know how it happened, but as I've continued
to pray and not let up, things have just miraculously gotten better
and today he even said, "I gotta watch out for my guy", meaning me.
That made me feel so good that he trusted me and even likes me,
because when he's against me, it's very hard and stressful to keep
doing missionary work. But we've been teaching well together and we've
had some very spirit-filled lessons, which I feel like is a miracle
compared to the way things were looking when we first became
companions. I still continue to do all I can every day to understand
him and make him feel good, even if it does mean going the extra 10
miles! But I wouldn't trade this experience for anything. It's making
me a lot more humble and a lot more mature when it comes to dealing
with people. I'm pretty sure I felt like I was brought to the "depths
of humility" this last week. It really could have torn down my
confidence if I let it, but I really did feel like I couldn't do it on
my own. Good thing our Heavenly Father doesn't expect us to do this on
our own, or else I'd be begging to come home right now. I know he
answered my prayer and I know it wasn't by my own strength or patience
that I was able to overcome this. I was so happy yesterday at some
points! Things that seemed dismal and doomed just turned completely
around this week, and I can't say I exactly know how. Right now I feel
like I'm ready to take on any calling or assignment! Not because I'm
prepared to take it on, but that I know that if I pray and wait
faithfully for Heavenly Father to help me as I work, that I can pretty
much do anything. OH! IT'S SO SWEET! I don't know why, but I'm really
happy right now, which is another miracle, because when I came into
the internet cafe today I really didn't want to say anything positive
about this last week, especially my companion. But things have just
changed. Satan loves getting at my faith, especially in the mornings
when I wake up. I always feel a little less confident when I first
wake up, but when I try to have faith and wait it out however long it
takes, things just always get better. I don't think there's ever been
a time when I honestly and faithfully endured and things didn't go
well. It's a promise from God, and I know it's true!
            So anyways, some stories this week. I made a nice bean
stew with green pepper, onion, pepper, salt, some seasoning packets
they sell here, and a big thigh leg of chicken. I did good! It tastes
sooo good, and now I get to enjoy it the rest of the week. Let's see,
maybe I'll just mention some things that you guys might find
interesting. So that bag of crap on the side of the street, i guess
that's pretty normal for little kids to grab a plastic bag, walk out
in front of their house and just take a dump it it. Although I'm still
not sure how common it is to leave that bag of crap on the street.
Gotta love Ghana! Speaking of Ghana, the "Africa Cup of Nations" is
going on right now for soccer, and Ghana has won 3 games and tied one!
They're on fire! They play for the semi-finals either tonight or
tomorrow. Whenever Ghana is playing everyone is in their house or at a
Spot (drinking bar) watching the game. Whenever Ghana scores, you can
hear everyone yell "GOOOOOAAAALLLL" as they drive their cars down the
street and play drums! It's exciting! So it finally rained really hard
yesterday! I think the dry season is coming to an end! The power keeps
going out at our apartment though, which really sucks if it happens at
night because your fan shuts off and you start to sweat in your bed. I
pray hard at those times, ha ha. I love talking with the Ghanaians,
they've all got a similar sense of humor, and it's pretty funny. Just
a fun fact, whenever we tell people we're the Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter-day "Saints", they get skeptical. The word "saints"  here,
means to many people, people who call evil spirits and worship
spirits. So they always ask if we actually do that. We just pull out
some scriptures like Ephesians 2:19 and I think Corinthians 1:1 (I
think) and explain that saints aren't that and that they're just
"followers of Christ" just like St. Mark, St. Matthew, etc. In many
ways, every day is different, but it's also the same too. Different,
and truly surprising things happen here every day, but I've kind of
just accepted the fact that anything can happen here, so not much is
"too" surprising anymore, ha. Well, I'm going to spend the rest of the
time attaching pictures, but thanks for your letters. I love
you guys, and everything is going well here! It's hard, and it
probably will continue to be, but I just kind of expect that now! :)

                        --Elder Littlefield

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